New Work

semi-abstract image including body parts, plants, water, and a view of the stars, all described in thick paint and bright colors.
The Earth Has Bubbles, 48″ x 36″ x 1.5″, acrylic, modeling paste and pumice on canvas
in yellows, blues, and reds, an abstract form with two grey hands rises from the bottom to the top of the rectangular canvas
The Point in the Conversation, 44″ x 36″ x 1.5″, acrylic, modeling paste and pumice on canvas
a complacent abstract figure is encroached upon by a swirling set of black lines. Colors are yellow, pink, yellow, black
Surprise Encounter, 42″ x 32″ x 1.5″, acrylic, modeling paste and pumice on canvas


Caroline Anderson’s work has a tactile, layered immediacy that expresses a passion for the physical act of painting. In larger works, colors layer over each other in a built-up surface where you can visually excavate each narrative as it is added. In many smaller works, Anderson takes the opposite tactic: she layers a thin sheet of color, then sands or abrades it, to add another sheet until the final surface is rich and luminous.

Expressionist, intuitive, and often surreal content is mixed with abstraction. Anderson mixes technical contradictions with visions of what it means to be human in times of permanent anxiety. There are ghosts, storms, fish, and bones.

The immediacy, physicality, and intuitive nature of the work is a kind of “anti AI” in that it originates in the human unconscious and its physicality cannot be reproduced on a computer screen. If you want to experience them in real space, please contact the artist.